Paper Box Media was created with the small artisan business in mind.

Owning a small business is all about heart, especially an artisan business. Making a living with your talents, your hands, your creativity, is as old as civilisation. I am enthralled by the resourcefulness of people thriving in small businesses.

Promotional videos and photography are essential for small businesses to be seen and recognised online. 

The beauty of video, is that it gives us the powerful ability to tell stories in a wholistic way. Video will capture your viewers imagination immediately. They will feel they know you and your products or services on a personal level, even before speaking with you. 

Research shows that video is 50% more likely to be watched by your potential clients than static text is to be read on a web page or email. 

In order to know you and your business, we will meet for coffee and talk, then you will show me your work and vision. From there I will support you personally through each step of the video creation phase. It is so important to me that you are comfortable in every way with the decisions pertaining to your business aesthetic and personal style.

I aim to represent you to your clients with creativity, clarity and integrity.